Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Treasure Trash

Do you ever have that feeling at the end of the day where you look around the classroom and you feel your blood pressure rising at the amount of trash on the floor? Treasure Trash is a game I play with my class every now and then. Sometimes, especially when my classroom is especially messy, we play this game, and the kiddos are always super excited. To play, I tell the students I have a secret piece of trash on the floor. I don't tell the students which piece it is, but I choose it and keep it secret. The students then go around and pick up as many pieces of trash as they can. 1 rule I use is that have to do this super silently, or they will be disqualified. After a few minutes, after someone has picked up the secret trash, I gather the kids around and reveal what the secret trash was and who found it. That person then gets to get some kind of treasure for picking up the secret trash! We, of course, then cheer for that student and practice our good sportsmanship! This is such an awesome game to use on occasion, because my floors look spotless afterwards, and the kids are so quiet playing, that it's a nice, quiet, calm way to end the day. :-)
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