Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Funday = No School Related Talk: Card Making Instead

In addition to devouring books in one sitting and an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest, I love making cards! While scrapbooking can be fun, I have the attention span of some of my 1st and 2nd graders. Making cards is a much better hobby for me, because it's something I can actually do and finish. I wish I had more time to cultivate this passion, but alas, I will take what little time I can get for it. :-) I'm certainly not the best at making cards, but I do enjoy it, and it allows me a creative outlet!

Here is a card I made last summer. A friend of mine saw it and wanted something similar for a wedding. I love these colors together, but you could easily change the color scheme. This is very simple to make. Take a piece of sparkly/pretty scrapbook paper and layer on top of your base card stock for your background. Take a black piece of scrap cardstock or ribbon to glue to the upper third of the page (see next step - I used a strip from the textured paper). Then, find a sweet quote to either glue or mount on top of a black piece of card stock (I used textured black paper). Use crystal embellishments for the corners. Place your quote centered over the ribbon layer on your card. Add some kind of lovey-dovey embellishments at the bottom of your card, and you're done! Enjoy! Pin It


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