Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anger Choice Cards for the Classroom

Wow, so apparently April and May are difficult months for bloggers. Being still fairly new to blogging, I guess I just had no idea how hectic it would be to try to stay up on blogging!! :-) I suppose after 7 years of teaching, I probably could have figured that out as the end of the year is always crazy, but I guess I just figured I'd be just fine, ha!

Anyway, a few posts ago I talked about how I had some students who struggled with expressing their anger and emotions appropriately. I finally made some anger choice cards, and I hope you can use them as well in your classroom. This is something I've needed all year, and I'm just so happy to finally have them. Hopefully they help over the next 3 and a half weeks of school!

These cards were created for use in the classroom for students to use when they are angry, frustrated, irritated, or upset. We teach students that it is ok to feel these emotions, but that they need to express them "appropriately." A lot of students don't have the social backgrounds or cultural understanding of what "expressing emotions appropriately" might look like. Hopefully these cards can provide your students an idea of some options that will help them calm down in a manner that will not disturb or affect others. I tried to include choices that would be easy to accommodate in a classroom and that would take light prep work. :-) Use these in conjunction with a mini-lesson on anger management. You can either cut apart these cards to put on a ring, or you can just laminate the whole sheet to make a choice board. Please let me know if you have any questions! As far as the quiet spot and cool down box options, I have a little rug that students can take to a quiet spot in order to calm down. I make sure they know that they are not in trouble (this is separate from a "safe seat"). My school counselor put together a little cool down box for my teaching partner and me, and it includes a squishy ball, a glitter jar, beads to string, buttons to sort, and a container of clay type stuff with marbles hidden inside that the kiddos have to find. Some other ideas for a cool down box might be: a puzzle to make, a braided string set to pull/untangle, a rubbing stone to rub, a stretchy toy to pull. Anyway, I think all of the other cards or pretty self-explanatory, but as I said, do let me know if you have any questions! Just click the picture below to download, or you can go to my TPT Store HERE to get it free!

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  1. Thank you! I can use these for journal ideas, too!

  2. Hi there! When the choice is something that interrupts the original task (like a shared reading, or seat work) do they ask your permission? I.E. can they just go get a drink or to the quiet spot, or do they need to let you know that they are angry and making this choice? Just curious to see what this looks like in your classroom. :)


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