Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Swag Bucks

Have you guys heard of or used Swag Bucks yet? Swag Bucks is awesome, and if you haven't been using it, simply put, you should! :-) Swag Bucks is a search engine that is used just like Yahoo or Google, but you can earn "swag bucks" that can be traded in for gift cards or other things that are listed in their "Swag Bucks store". It is the greatest thing ever, because you earn free things while working just as you normally would online. I installed the toolbar on all my computers, and that has helped me remember to use their search engine for everything. Anytime I get on the computer, I type the website I'm looking for in the toolbar. For instance, instead of coming straight to www.blogger.com, I type "blogger.com" in my search bar. It doesn't give you points/swag bucks everytime you search, but the more you search, the more you earn. There are other ways to earn swag bucks through their website, but I mainly use it for searching for things on the web. I think you can earn points by finding codes, shopping through their site, filling out polls and watching videos, and filling out surveys, but you'll just have to check it out for yourself. My favorite thing to redeem my bucks for are gift cards, such as Amazon.com, but they have a ton of things you can peruse through. This is such a great way to earn cool, free things for the classroom, your home, or just a treat for yourself! Check it out sometime. If you'd like to join and set up an account, click the picture below or click HERE!!!

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