Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Measurement Find Someone Who

I love infusing cooperative learning and movement type activities into the classroom. Cooperative learning helps keep students engaged and accountable, and it gives them ownership in their learning. Anyway, one activity I use is Find Someone Who. You have probably used this before, but to "play", students walk around and find someone who can follow whatever directions are on the board or in the boxes. The other person does whatever the box says and signs his/her initials. As with all cooperative learning structures, this will take time at first to set up your expectations, but that is kind of a given. The Find Someone Who structure can be used for literally, any subject! I've used it for sight words, phonics, math problems, reading comprehension, vocabulary, social studies, team building/beginning/end of year, and science. I've even used it for professional development! The possibilities are endless. :-)

Anyway, we are wrapping up our measurement unit in math, and I created this FSW (Find Someone Who) activity for review. The graphics are from a free download at http://the3amteacher.blogspot.com/. Big thanks to her for her hard work and willingness to share her graphics! Feel free to download the FSW activity if you can use it. :-) The image is linked!
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  1. Thank you for the shout out & I love your resource!! I hope it's okay...I pinned it...let me know if you do not want me to pin this...

    I am now following your blog!!


    The 3AM Teacher

  2. No problem! And yes, you have permission to pin any of my stuff. Thanks so much! :-)


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