Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2 Dice Adding and Graphing Game

We just started our graphig unit with EnVision this week, and I created a game that students can use for practice (I threw in some addition practice as well, because goodness knows they can always improve). This does print on big 11 x 17 paper. To play, each student gets a gameboard and recording sheet. Students take turns rolling 2 dice. They will then record the addition sentence for the dice rolled below the correct sum on the graph below (2 + 2 under the 4, etc). Students continue until one of their columns is full. Whoever can reach the finish line, or the bottom of one of the columns first, is the winner! Students then work on graphing their results and answering questions about their graph. Enjoy if you can use this activity! Just click on either picture below, or you can click HERE to download from TpT. Happy Hump Day! I'm feeling a little bit of spring fever with this beautiful weather we're having, and it took everything in me today to not stare longingly out the window all afternoon. :-)

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  1. Thanks! This is what I've been looking for.


    1. That's great to hear! You are so welcome - have a great week!

  2. Hi, this is amazing - exactly what I was looking for!!

    However, on the second page there are only 4 spots to record data, but on the first page the kids were able to roll each sum 5 times. Is there any way you could alter it? Sorry to bother you, but I am terrible at creating games and yours is so perfect :)


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