Friday, January 20, 2012

Roll a Sight Word

I obviously have not been diligent in updating this blog, considering I haven't posted since basically school started. What a year this has been - busy, challenging, and crazy! In spite of the hectic nature, I'm continually finding ideas and making new games and activities. I couldn't figure out how to post any over the summer, but I'm going to try my first one today! This game is called Roll a Sight Word, and to play, you have the student roll a die. Whatever number he/she lands on is the word he/she will read from the game board. The student will use the word in a sentence, and then he/she can write the word in the blank. If the student is playing against another student, then whoever fills up one of their columns first is the winner. You can obviously edit this to fit whatever needs your child or student has. I like this game for not only sight words, but also for learning blends, digaphs, vowel combinations, etc... The possibilities are endless! Click the picture below to download! Visit my TPT store for the free download, or you can download a copy with all 1st grade sight words for a small fee. Happy Friday!


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