Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flip it Down - Doubles

Here's a confession for you. It's only Tuesday, and I'm exhausted. Super surprising, I know, that teaching 1st grade can be tiring at times, haha. ;-) Anyway, I am already thinking about parent-teacher conferences. They are already coming right up, here in a couple weeks! Our district does student-led conferences for the February ones, and in 1st grade, we do "centers style" conferences. I set out a few different activities that are similar to centers, and after spending 5-10 minutes speaking with the families, the students take their parents around to the different "centers" to show them what we've been working on and learning about in school. I am simplifying it this year, and I am only going to do 3 different choices. I will have one center where the student reads an instructional level book to his/her mom/dad/adult, one sight word center where I will have a few different sight word games, and a math center that will also have a few different games to choose from. One of the games I am going to put in the math conference center will be Flip it Down for doubles. Flip it Down is one of those easy peasy game templates that can be changed to fit whatever you are currently working on. I've used Flip it Down templates for sight words, math problem (addition, subtraction, time, money, patterns, etc), vocabulary words/sentences, and even science and social studies. I created this particular one for doubles.
To prepare Flip it Down, cut the horizontal left hand lines between each problem, and stop at the middle vertical line. This creates "flaps" that can be flipped over. When I teach 2nd grade, my students are able to handle doing this on their own after I model it. 1st graders just take a little bit longer than I prefer, so I usually just go ahead and cut the flaps ahead of time. To play, students take turns rolling a 12 sided die. The student must solve whatever problem corresponds with the number on the die. He/she writes the answer in the blank space to the right of the problem, then he/she can "flip it down" by folding the flap over. He/she then writes his/her initials or name on the top of the flap. Whoever has the most flaps is the winner. If a student rolls a number that has already been solved, he/she just loses his/her turn and it is the next player's turn. Super simple concept, but the kiddies love it - I'm sure because of the flaps!!! Click this link for a copy of the doubles flip it down (or you can click the picture)!
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