Monday, January 23, 2012

Past and Present Tense Verb Memory

One of my favorite websites that I've been using for ideas forever now is This website has tons of ideas on different sight word and language arts games to make. I've used her templates numerous times to make various games. As we are going to be studying past and present tense verbs in instructional focus for the next few weeks, I used one of Kelly's cute sight word templates to create a memory game for instructional focus and to put in a center. Students have to match the past and the present tense forms of the verbs featured in the game. Enjoy this free printable, and feel free to edit it however you like to meet your classroom needs! :-) As always, feel free to e-mail if you wany any documents e-mailed directly to you.
Click the link or the picture above to download the file - it is 4 pages, so make sure you got all 4 pages!
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