Sunday, November 4, 2012

Free Terrible Turkey - Subtracting Tens Game and Weekly Dinner Planner

Ummmm. Wow. November is here, and while it doesn't feel like November, it certainly is. There are exactly 2 weeks and 2 school days until Thanksgiving break. Where has the year gone??
This is the time of year that I start feeling busy and like life is a little crazy. Our past few weekends have been filled with weddings, birthday celebrations, trips out of town, etc..., so this weekend felt like heaven. We met a couple friends out on Friday for dinner, I went post-Halloween shopping and to lunch with another friend yesterday, after I got home I did absolutely NOTHING, and then today I woke up early and did my grocery shopping for the week, cleaned the kitchen, and did a pile of the mountain of laundry that has built up. So, it's been quite a productive and fabulous weekend. :-) Speaking of which, because I feel like I'm losing my mind at the moment, I've come up with a weekly dinner menu planner to keep at least that part of my life sane. Feel free to download a copy if you like! To download, click HERE or click the picture below to go to the file on Google Docs. Then, go to File, Download, and download a copy for yourself! It's amazing how such a simple document can make life that much easier. I print a copy, write in my dishes, fill out the shopping list, attach copies of each recipe (if using), and go shopping! Very simple, but very handy.
I have another math freebie for you today also. Someday, when I have a life again, ha, I will be posting some more TpT units for sale, but for now, you get a math game freebie. I want to thank you all for your support, comments, and feedback on both my teaching blog and my TpT store. I am absolutely amazed at how each has grown over the past year. This hobby and passion for sharing has turned into more than I could have ever imagined.
Anyway, in math, we have been learning all about mental addition and mental subtraction. I created the following game for students to practice subtracting tens. To play this game, put students in groups of 2-3. Each group will get a set of cards (print on cardstock and laminate for best results). The cards will go in the middle of the circle. Each player will take turns drawing a card and solving the subtraction problem listed. The other students will also solve the problem to check the answer. If the student gets the problem correct, he/she gets to keep the card. If a student draws a “Terrible Turkey” card, he/she will say, “TERRIBLE TURKEY”. Everyone must then put all of their cards back into the pile, and the game starts over. To download a copy, click HERE, or click the picture below to go to my TpT store and download for FREE!!!


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