Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TpT Safety Unit - Safety/Traffic Signs and Symbols, Stranger Danger, Bike Safety, and Car Safety

Happy Election Day! I'm so thankful for polling places opening early, because I was able to get in and vote before school today - woohoo for not having to go mess with that after school, because I am EXHAUSTED tonight! It was cute today to see how excited our students were today about Election Day. 

Anyway, I have a new TpT unit up for sale in my store! This unit for primary age range includes lessons addressing awareness of traffic and safety signs and symbols, stranger danger, car safety, and bike safety. This unit has been teacher tested and taught at the first and second grade level. :-)

*This unit is meant to be a resource for you, the teacher. While you are welcome to follow it as outlined, feel free to supplement with your social studies text, outside videos (such as United Streaming), and/or other books. Also, depending on your social studies block, some of these lessons you may have to extend beyond on day if you don’t have as much time for social studies. I hope you can use the items in this unit as a guide/resource for you.

Along with 8 days of lesson plans/descriptions of activities, this unit includes:

-"safety" vocabulary card
-safety unit anticipation guide
-safety and traffic sign posters
-safety and traffic sign powerpoint
-traffic and safety sign tic-tac-toe boards (2)
-traffic lights poem
-project idea for traffic lights
-stranger danger role-play/scenario cards
-stranger danger bingo with questions
-stranger danger bubble map
-student information address and phone number sheet
-seat belt song
-car safety sort and answer key
-riding safely in a car writing paper
-dream bicycle helmet writing paper
-bike signal game
-flip book template
-safety unit 4-in-a-row game
-writing paper template

This file is a zipped file, and you will receive the full unit plans and the powerpoint. I also included many of the pdf files, even though they are in the unit plans. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all! To purchase, please click HERE or click on the picture below.

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