Saturday, September 29, 2012

Communities Unit

Yay! My communities unit is finally done and ready for you all on TpT. Go check it out if you're interested! Click here, or click the preview pic below to head on over. There is a sale going on to get it for $3 off the regular price, so get it while you can! :-)

Oh happy Saturday. I was ready for the weekend, I must say. We had quite a week this week. Very busy and tons of meetings. On weeks like that, I am just exhausted and quite pathetically often, I am ready to crash and go to bed at like 7:30pm on Friday night. Anyway, I am feeling much more energetic today, and I've finally convinced my dear husband to peel himself away from the ridiculous t.v. to go with me to the pumpkin patch - one of my favorite activities in the Fall! We had quite a firm conversation last weekend about the fact that there are other things to do on the weekend besides watch sports (and I do like sports quite a bit, but still). He was in firm belief that Saturdays were for college football and Sundays were for NFL football. Don't worry, I helped shape his new view that there are other things going on.... ;-) HA!
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