Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Primary Teacher Lingo and Phrases for Beginners

"Friends"     -     Students
"Buddy"     -     Boy student
"Sweet pea"     -     Girl student
"Shushie"     -     Be quiet
"Hush a billy hilly"     -     Be quiet
"Sit on your pockets"     -     Sit on your bottom
"Criss cross applesauce, spoon in bowl"     -     Sit cross cross and put your hands in your lap
"Scootchie bootchie over"     -     Scoot over
"Get what you get and don't throw a fit"     -     Don't whine
"Dot, dot, not a lot"     -     Don't put globs of glue on your paper
"Bumpers up, marshmallow mouth on"     -     Line up with arms crossed and puff your cheeks out like you have lots of marshmallows in your mouth so you won't talk in the hall
"Bleeding, barfing, or dying"     -     Don't interrupt guided reading groups unless you're doing one of those things
"Awesome possum"     -     Good job
"Wowser bowser"     -     Good job
"Give me 5"     -     Look at me and give me all of your attention without talking
"When I say go...."     -     Don't dare move until you hear that word
"What would your mom say if I called her right now?" (said while pretending to dig for phone number) - I think you may not be telling the truth
"I'm about to poke my eye out"     -     I'm frustrated (generally said to other teachers not the students)
"NO"     -     No Pin It


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