Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NWEA MAP RIT Goal Setting Sheets

Does your school/district use MAP assessments to help monitor progress? Mine just recently went to this system. I love the immediate feedback that it gives. 

My students focus a lot on setting goals. I recently created these goal setting sheets as a simple way for my students to be tracking and setting goals in regards to taking their MAP assessments. 

People set goals in various ways. Some are more details than others. For my students' purposes, I created some simple sheets. These goal setting sheets are a great way for students to set personal goals when taking the MAP assessment by NWEA. I put these on TpT in case others could use them too! Teachers can print these out - 1 set per student. Students could either keep them in a binder or folder, or the teacher can shrink them down a little bit and have students cut/glue into a notebook (like a journal or goal setting notebook). Students will be (hopefully) motivated and kept accountable for their work by graphing, setting goals or action plans, and trying to track their progress. These goal setting sheets include both math and ELA.

Eventually, I'd love to break it down by area and have students track that too. Then students will know more specifically what areas they can celebrate and what areas they may need extra practice in. 

If you are interested in checking out my version, go to my TpT store, or feel free to use this idea in your own classroom. :-) Click below HERE or click the picture below to access the product. 

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